Financing Stronger, More Equitable St. Louis Area Neighborhoods

Contractor Loans

Offering loans to minority- and women-owned construction businesses.

Developer Loans

Offering loans tailored to neighborhood real estate developers.

Business Support

Meeting our borrowers where they are with tailored technical assistance to ensure long-term growth and success.

Flexible Financing Terms

As a Treasury-Certified CDFI, Rise CDFI works to offer flexible terms to foster your organization’s best financial results.

Equity at the Center

Rise CDFI’s financial products are designed to help alleviate the racial and gender wealth gaps in our community.

Long Term Relationship

Our staff seeks to build a lasting relationship with borrowers that grows with each successful loan.

The need for flexible, responsive capital in the St. Louis area has never been greater. Rise CDFI supports Rise’s existing work in some of the region’s most disinvested communities.

Our real estate development loans offer critical capital where appraisal gaps prevent traditional lenders from doing business, and a lack of coordinated community-driven plans and investment strategies have perpetuated inefficient and insufficient development. Small and minority-owned contractors also struggle to access flexible, responsive capital to grow their businesses and compete for jobs. Our contractor loans provide this flexibility to keep companies growing and able to competitively bid for jobs. In the early stages of a major affordable housing development, access to affordable predevelopment loans in the hands of mission-driven developers can be a game-changer, and get the deal to the finish line.

Rise CDFI’s business plan responds to a market study that notes a significant lack of capital and funding options at the table to help bridge the racial wealth gap and  strengthen our communities. Namely, to help build wealth in underserved communities in the St. Louis region. Our loan products help us achieve our mission to transform neighborhoods together.